StepGuard Joy in Flower&Tree Care Center

Apr. 16, 2019

The Care Center is a place dedicated to the recovery of the baby and mummy. thus any crisis in the indoor space will be infinitely magnified.

The floor is an important material for interior decoration,environmental protection and safety are the first. The formaldehyde content, waterproof and fireproof, these high requirements have made the zero-formaldehyde StepGuard stone floor stand out, successfully paving the floor for the Flower&Tree maternal care center, and protecting the health of the mother and baby.

The Flower&Tree Maternal Care Club took the plan to lay bamboo and wood flooring in the beginning. However, considering that the wooden floor is not waterproof, and it is either not suitable for Floor Heating System, and the cost is high.  Finally, the StepGuard CusTek collection with bamboo surface by better performance in all aspects is selected. The bamboo STEP GUARD Crystal Stone floor is the same as the bamboo floor covering,it is also 100% waterproof, zero formaldehyde, beautiful and durable.

StepGuard Joy in Flower&Tree Care Center

Rest area

The bedroom is the place where moms and babies rest, where is to create a quiet and warm atmosphere. The STEP GUARD Crystal Stone floor with 4mm thickness,  IXPE mat1.5mm, which has a good mute function, guarantee mum and baby a steady sleep.

Corridor area 

The wear resistance of the corridor area is relatively heavier, cause there is a frequently walking around. The STEP GUARD Crystal Stone floor is made of CERAMIC BEAD thick wear layer upping to 25,000rmp, which has a better scratch resistance.

Leisure space

In the leisure space set up in the public area, mothers can enjoy the leisure in the quiet, read books and drink tea. The STEP GUARD stone floor has a excellent stain resistance, say no to all stains, fruit stains, milk stains, oil stains, tea stains, etc.

Shower place

The place where the baby takes a bath must be safe and healthy. The Crystal Stone floor has good waterproof and anti-skid performance. more wet higher friction, which effectively prevents the damage caused by the baby and the mummy. The patented technology of StepGuard also has the effect of antibacterial and free formaldehyde on the flooring. The surface of the floor contains antibacterial factors, which effectively remove bacteria and inhibit the growth of bacteria. The surface surface UV paint contains negative oxygen ions, which react with formaldehyde in the air and are finally completely degraded.

The overall area of the Flower&Tree Maternal and Children Care Center is 2000 square meters, and StepGuard floor was paved 1200 square meters. Cause its pretty mixed with value, as well as waterproof, non-slip, healthy, durability and other comprehensive performance, the STEP GUARD flooring can be installed in any area,this is also the pretty answer why Flower&Tree chooses the STEP GUARD.

The STEP GUARD flooring was successfully developed by Los Angeles R&D Center J&R Group and was listed in the US in 2016. Once its launch, it won the taste by consumers. In addition to the CusTek collection, there are several other collections: MarbleTek, QuietTek, CorkTek, BevelTek, SelectTek, MassiveTek, HerringTek, and E.I.R to meet the different needs of consumers. Brand preference, quality assurance. The STEP GUARD Crystal Stone floor is leading consumers into StepGuard times, a healthier and more tasteful life.