Yue Installation


Thank you for choosing StepGuard Flooring,Please read this manual carefully and strictly follow the instructions before installation. Yue Warranty policy and services excludes any damages resulting caused by inappropriate installation procedures.

Required tools

Spacers Rubber Mallet Ruler Pencil Tape Measure Utility Knife

1. Before Installation

Floor Inspection

Make sure there is no damage before installation

Loss Reserved

Calculate the floor demand according to the building pavement area, and reserve 10-15% of the floor for cutting loss.

Environmental Adaptation

It needs to be placed in the installation space one day in advance to adapt to the new environment. The temperature is controlled between 18-29℃ degrees . Take care to avoid direct sunlight and large temperature changes, and let the floor slowly adapt to the local temperature and humidity.

Level Measurement

Clean and dust the ground, make sure there is no debris on the ground, and check whether the ground is clean and flat. The height difference of the ground should be less than 3mm within 2 meters (recommended ≤ 2mm)

Environment Prohibition

Can not be used directly as a moisture barrier. This product must not be installed in saunas, outdoors, or areas that have been soaked for long periods of time.

Gap Reserved

Make sure to leave a gap of 5-8 mm between the wall and the fixtures (such as pipes and pillars, stairs, etc.). These gaps will be covered with decorative lines after the installation.

Tip: drill a hole 20 mm larger than the pipe diameter

Direction Determination

Determine the installation direction of the floor, and install the length of the floor parallel to the direction in which the sunshine comes

2. In Installation

Inspect the floor, place the side with the raft on the wall, and leave a 5-8mm expansion joint between the floor and the wall.stepping forbidden within 24 hours after the installation completed , and the wooden wedge cant taken out till 24 hours later.

The first piece floor of the second row, install on the long side, insert the raft of the floor into the groove of the first row of floors and lifts the floor slightly upwards at an angle of 30 degrees until the joint position flattens the floor to make it tightly joined. .

The floor to be laid should be wedged into the correct position as described above.

When weaving in the longitudinal direction, the distance between the front part of the panel and the front should be as small as possible. Then use the slab to tap the short side horizontally to make them join together. The specially designed lock will automatically buckle.

3. After Installation

Please maintain a suitable indoor temperature after installation. Excessive or too low indoor temperatures can cause the product to expand or shrink, which may affect the floor quality or User Experience.